About Meeting Eve

Meet Evelyn Walker, a single, confident thirty-something running her own international meeting and event planning company. The last ten years of hard work have paid off, and with enough events scheduled to take up the next five, Eve has established herself as one of the top meeting and event planners in the West. And yet, suddenly, she can’t seem to quiet her inner voice, which is begging for a different life—a life beyond work. When approached by Miles Emerson, a long-standing client and Adonis of a man, to organize a monstrous last-minute event in Amsterdam, her inner and outer worlds begin to collide. With massive reservations, Eve accepts the challenge and embarks on a globe-trotting journey that lands her in a variety of odd places, spaces, and situations that she never could have imagined. Can she actually pull off one of the biggest events of her career? And more importantly . . . can she have a life while trying.

Find out in Meeting Eve, the charming debut novel that will have you enraptured from its first pages. Travel with Eve as she crosses the ocean, meets new friends, says good-bye to old ones, falls in love, falls on her face, and learns some incredibly valuable lessons along the way.



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