Character Design

In some ways, my original career as a corporate meeting and event planner wasn’t half as difficult as placing pen to paper in order to write an entertaining and enjoyable read. Sure, I had stories to tell but when I started to write, I realized quickly that unlike many authors, I wasn’t a journalist or English major with an unlimited vocabulary stacked up behind me. I did however have Chutzpah and a willingness to incorporate my past into my future.

They say everyone has a story to tell. Well, I believe everyone has thousands of stories to tell. But where do I start? When I speak I can keep a few conversations going on at the same time but in writing it’s about slowing down, outlining the message you want to get across to your reader and with fiction, designing your characters.

In my case I combined three people in order to make one character. I studied how people operate. Do you notice people nuances? The elderly man who tips his hat as you walk by, the woman with rosy cheeks who can’t stop smiling or the young man who talks so fast you can’t keep up. People are fascinating!

It’s also a great exercise for the brain. For me, it’s recalling memories of my past and exaggerating (or taming) them into small stories within a plot or subplot. You can think of it as puzzle pieces having to come up with the overall picture of what you want to convey.